Headphone Care and Maintenance

Headphones should be treated gently. Improper use and abuse may void warranty.
  1. Do not remove your headphones by pulling on the cord. Remove your heaphones by firmly grasping the plug.
  2. Do not wrap around your phone or mp3 player. When not in use wrap the cable or store in the supplied pouch.
  3. Please periodically clean your headphones to avoid earwax buildup in the earpiece. Not cleaning them can result in no sound, low sound or unbalanced sound.
How to wrap your headphone cord:
Aaron shows you a quick and easy way to properly wrap your headphones to prevent any damage.

How to clean your thinksound headphones:
  1. Remove your silicon fittings.
  2. Put about two caps full of hydrogen peroxide into a small dish.
  3. Place the earphones screen-side-down into the dish.
  4. Remove the earphones after about 10 seconds then dry with a towel and remove any debris that was loosened by the peroxide. You may also lightly blow into the earpiece (without touching your lips to the earpiece) into the screen to help dry.
  5. Repeat this same cleaning process again; this time using two caps full of rubbing alcohol.
  6. Once dry, place the silicon fittings back on the earphones.
  7. You are done!
One side of my headphones sounds quiet and it wasn't when I purchased it. What can I do?
Headphones have very small and delicate speaker drivers inside them. Sometimes the speaker driver may get moved slightly out of alignment because of air pressure when you insert them.
  1. Remove the silicone fitting from the earpiece.
  2. Put your mouth near the opening (not around the opening) and blow air into the quiet ear piece.
  3. Listen to your headphones to see if the problem has been resolved.
  4. Try these steps a few times and if it does not work contact thinksound.
Try the above steps a couple times before calling support or returning your headset. It has been found that many customers who think they have a defect actually just need to clean or blow out their earpieces.

Important headphone instructions:
  1. Please try all size fittings before deciding which ones you will use as your primary fittings. Using the incorrect size can greatly affect the sound quality of your thinksound headphones.
  2. Please use the supplied cable clip when doing rigorous activities to limit cable noise and possible tangling of the cables.
  3. Enjoy your music at a comfortable volume for a reasonable period of time to prevent hearing damage or loss. Observe local laws while wearing headphones. thinksound is not responsible for hearing loss or damage due to use of our product

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